Cloud Economics : Azure Calculator

The economics of cloud computing is the most important function of a solution architect. In my previous blog i wrote about about AWS ROI Calculator, in this blog let’s look at Azure Calculator.


  • Design the solution in azure
  • Identify the components required for the solution in azure
  • Map the infrastructure (in house/private environment) to the azure components
  • You could use the calculator to roughly calculate the cost.

Note: It’s a good idea to calculate cost before and after you migrate to cloud to understand the differences.

Why is it roughly: People how have experienced might know that there is always some things that you would get aware of once you are in it. The general rule applies, you start renovating your pool then you would get to know what the cost of renovating the pool not that the calculator is not right It’s mostly because of the below factors

  • We may have not designed the optimized solution on day 1 and things change across time
  • We may not have factored cost for aspects on day 1 while designing the solution
  • It could be Ingress and Egress traffic, Network Ports, or Express Route pipe, or it could be VPN gateways or various other cloud services that could change across time to time.
  • We might forget to clean up which might add up to cost which might not be calculated.


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What’s Missing: Feature Request probably we could upload an asset sheet (excel document) and it could calculate the cost for it.

About the calculator, it’s simple to use and Microsoft has done an amazing job with it.


Add the required modules


Choose the compute resources


Choose the Storage components


Add the components request and there you go.



I shall update a blog about storage about how to calculate the storage requirements.





You have the BOM ready.




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