Setup Google Cloud Platform for OKTA (2 Factor Authentication)


Setup Google Cloud Platform for OKTA – Two Factor Authentication


1) Domain Name (in this example I have used an available domain name

2) Setup Google G-Suite

3) Login to OKTA and setup a domain for the above domain for example if you have domain called then it could be

Step 1: Login to the OKTA admin console and add a new application

Step 2: Enable SAML and enter the domain name

Step 3 : Enter the relay site details and here in this case it’s

Step 5 : Open in a new tab the setting screen so that you could follow the documentation latter.

Step : Login to the Google G-Suite Admin Console to enable 3rd party Identity Provider

Open the Security settings

Click SSO

Select Setup SSO with 3rd party identity provider

‘Once you have configured Google Cloud SSO settings now you can configure the OKTA and add Google Cloud Console Application.

Step 1: Follow the below steps to add the Google Cloud Application

Add Applications and Select Google Cloud Platform

Configure the General app settings

Configure Sign On settings

Configure the import app settings

Add people to the application

Use the reference html page for reference

Add users

Activate the user

You are now ready to sign in to the application with the user added

Open the application in new incognito window

Login in to the application with the user

The page is now redirected to OKTA for sign on

WOLA You are now logged in with okta


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