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Getting Started with Google Map Importing data from spreadsheet


A Friend of mine wanted me to demonstrate how to use google maps to view location data into google maps and this is for him or to others in general. There are multiple approaches but in this let’s look at how to import data from a spreadsheet to google maps. If you are looking at an API approach please read my other blog here

Summary and Quick steps

  1. Create a sample spreadsheet with location data on google drive.
  2. The Location data can be of specific long and lat data.
  3. Login to
  4. Create a Map(Select your locations->Maps->Create a New Map)
  5. Add a new layer
  6. Import data from spreadsheet from your google drive

Assuming that you have a created a spreedsheet on google drive with location data.


  1. Login to, your placesGoogle Map-Location
  2. Select the Map and Create a New Mapgooglemap-import-8
  3. Add a New Layergooglemap-import-1
  4. Import and SpreadSheet from google drive and select the column to position the placementsgooglemap-import-2
  5. Select the column for title markersgooglemap-import-3googlemap-import-4
  6. Your are done














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