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Integrating VMware ITBM with AWS

vRealize Business Standard and AWS Integration

The most interesting part of cloud is cost management and vRealize Business or the ITBM solution is an amazing solution. No demo is undone with out ITBM and it’s an amazing product. What customers like about this solution is the cost management, and the cost comparison.

Below is a brief article about how to integrate vRealize with AWS

The important aspect to get ITBM configured properly and integrated to VCAC.


Hostname                              :               <vcacappliance hostname.domainname>
SSO Default Tenant              :               vsphere.local
SSO Admin User                   :               administrator
SSO Password                       :               <password here>

vRealize Business & VCAC












You have redirect the AWS bills to an S3 bucket if you have not done it right then you might get this below error.


vRealize Business AWS  error

vRealize Business AWS error


If you do it right then you would see a message like this

vRealize Business &  AWS

vRealize Business & AWS

AWS account details here


vRealize Business AWS  Details

vRealize Business AWS Details


Make sure that the S3 bucket has the bill details

AWS S3 bucket

AWS S3 bucket


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