RedLock integration with Qualys Vulnerability Management for AWS Cloud

RedLock integration with  Qualys Vulnerability Management for AWS Cloud


One of the most anticipated feature that RedLock customers is  about Redlock Integration Qualys Vulnerability . Qualys is one of  industry leading Vulnerability Management Solutions.


About Qualys


Qualys, Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS), a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, it has been recognized by IDC as having the fifth largest market share in the $6 billion Worldwide Security and Vulnerability Management market, and for the second year in a row as the market-share leader in the $1.7 billion Worldwide Vulnerability Assessment Market — which is comprised of the Worldwide Device Vulnerability Assessment Market and Application Security Market segments.



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Integration of Redlock and Qualys is and simple all you need is (API Server Name, Username and Password)


  1. Enter the API Server Name
  2. Enter the UserName
  3. Enter the Password to login to qualys API Server



Test and Save the setting and you are onboarded.





On the Investigate page, use RQL to query for host vulnerability information.

Config RQL

config where hostfinding.type = ‘Host Vulnerability’


Network RQL

network where dest.resource IN ( resource where hostfinding.type = ‘Host Vulnerability’ )