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Running VRM Agent from command line

I recently upgraded vRA from 6.0 to 6.2 and also upgraded the vRA iaas components, while every thing went on fine and smooth there were couple of observations. The IAAS upgrade did go fine but while upgrading it removed all the services entries from the registry and i was not able to start or stop any of the vRA IAAS services. After looking at the issue the files were intact but only the service entries were removed.

What’s the issue

Unable to start and stop the proxy service and other services. While i was able to reinstall some of the components with the same names, i was not able to reinstall the proxy agent with the same name

Ohh the files were present but the service entries were missing, i tried running the agent from command line (same old vCenter server command line stuff)


1) cd c:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Agents\<youragentname>\

2) run vrmagent.exe

vrmagent –Console (if you want to run the vrmagent from command line)

vrmagent –Install:<agentname> (getting a system overflow exception/i may not be running the command line properly)


After running the agent i was able to refresh the data collection inventory  from vRA.



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