Sizing Tools

This post is dedicated to different sizing tools. Please let me know if you know of a tool so that i could include here.

VDI Caculator

Raid Caculator (source

Nutanix Sizer

vSphere Cluster Sizing Calculator ( source

VMFS5 Lun Sizing (source

VMware vSAN Sizing (Source: web page ( thanks Govind

VMware vSAN datastore sizing (

Exchange Sizing – 10K users

Hyper-V Calculator (Developed by Aidan Finn

Hyper-VRAM Calculator(Developed by Aidan Finn

VMFS Lun Size Calculator  (VMware)

Site_Recovery_Manager_4.0_Database_Sizing_Calculator_SQL (VMware)

VDI ROI and Sizing Calculator ver 3

VMware vCenter Server Database Sizing Calculator for Microsoft SQL Server (vCenter Server 4.0)

VMware vCenter Update Manager Sizing Estimator




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