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vCenter Orchestrator integration with Server Now (MID Server)

vCenter Orchestrator integration with Server Now (MID Server)

I shall focus on one small piece of integration of VMware vCenter Orchestrator with Service Now using Service Now MID server.

You need a service now mid server if you are behind a firewall

If you are running behind a proxy

You could download 32 bit or 64 versions of MID server after logging into service now account .

Please follow this page if you need to install and configure the MID server

Just to speed up the process and for your reference the config parameters that I changed were as below


<parameter name="url" value="https://service now url"/>
<parameter name="mid.instance.username" value="service now username here" />
<parameter name="mid.instance.password" value="service now password here" encrypt="true"/>
<parameter name="name" value="mid servername here "/>
<parameter name="mid.proxy.use_proxy" value="true"/>
<parameter name="" value="proxyserver ip"/>
<parameter name="mid.proxy.port" value="proxy server port"/>

<parameter name="glide.mid.autoupgrade.proxy_host" value="proxy ip"/>
<parameter name="glide.mid.autoupgrade.proxy_port" value="proxy port"/>
<parameter name="glide.mid.autoupgrade.proxy_user" value="proxy user"/>
<parameter name="glide.mid.autoupgrade.proxy_password" value="proxy password"/>

If you need to encrypt the username and password then refer this article

Start the MID server with, look at the agent/logs/ for any errors or issues.

Log into the service now account to check if mid server is up and running



You are almost there, follow blogs by Mark Andreopoulos at to see how to integrate server now via VCO soap plugin.


Note: While connecting to a proxy you might get need this handy


White listing a the server now url in the proxy might also be a good idea(I did it in our environment)



Mid Server Installation :

Encrypt the password in the config file

There is wealth of information in by Mark Andreopoulos

Image source:


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