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What has Nutanix got Nutanix Next 2015

Is Nutanix the Next VMware ? we never know how things change, but I see a lot of aggression to change existing things in vitualization industry by Nutanix that I has been what  VMware is up-to all along.

1) XCP and App Mobility Fabric looks very promising (Thanks Adarsh for sharing this video )

2) The Hypervisor migration tool is a killer feature and I am sure that there are a lot of customers would love this. There are reasons for it. Well the Hypervisor market is now divided into 3 pillars and ESXi,Hyper-V & KVM. Well the adoption of Hyper-V is increasing in the market (I have heard from a lot of customers they are now more comfortable than before running BCA workloads on Hyper-V ). Well that said ESXi is an absolute necessity for enterprise most of the mission critical x86 virtualized workloads run on this), but slowly the adoption of KVM would increase with Acropolis and with increased adoption of Open Stack.

Customers don’t want to be locked in to a particular hypervisor any more and they want in agility and they are more concerned about the application . I call this vLOCK (the famous hypervisor lock in) . Breaking the vLOCK they want to easily move workloads between Hyper-V and ESXi. Moving the hypervisor from ESXi to Hyper-V or Acropolis is one of the killer feature and looks game changer to me.

Customers had huge change migrating virtual machine from one hypervisor to another with multiple disk formats and using tools like converter or plate spin, well now things look simple in Prism.

Nutanix has gone two steps ahead and it has certainly  solved few of the key issues that customer would love it going further.

1) Migrate a VM to AWS great.

2) Migrate containers from onprem to public is simply awesome

3) Prism is definitely simple and light weight Vs VMware’s Web Management tools. VMware Management tools are feature rich and Vs Nutanix Prim looks simple and light weight.
People feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you.

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    • Kemtong

      I just upgraded to ESXi5 and v_Sphere 5 wiuhott any problems but I’m having performance problems with USB disks.I installed SBS2011 in a virtual machine and I tried to back it up on a usb drive. The backup goes at full speed at the beginning but after a while it becomes extremely slow. Backng up a 30 GB disk (taking 45 minutes on a network) will take about 3 hours when connected to a USB 2 port. The time will even be worst when a a USB 3.0 disk is connected to a USB 2 port. I have a USB 3.0 controler but it is not recognised by v-Sphere 5.0.I don’t yet have explanations for this problem but I’m counting on VMware to support USB 3.0 for Windows Clients shortly.

  1. Arpitha

    Good website. Has detailed information on current trend respect to cloud.


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